President Trump Recycles Disingenuous, Rejected Offers, Pits Communities Against Each Other



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President Trump Recycles Disingenuous, Rejected Offers, Pits Communities Against Each Other

CWS urges the President to stop holding Americans hostage to meet immoral campaign sound bites; and to responsibly reopen the government without militarizing border communities.

Rev. John L. McCullough: “We don’t need anymore televised speeches, we need you to reopen the government.”


Washington, D.C. – In response to President Trump’s Saturday afternoon speech on immigration, Rev. John L. McCullough, President and CEO of Church World Service issued the following statement:


“President Trump, the American people don’t need any more televised speeches demonizing immigrants, we need you to reopen the government and stop these anti-immigrant demands. Dreamers and other immigrant communities must not be used as a bargaining chip for paying to further militarize our border communities.


CWS remains deeply skeptical of this latest salvo. This is not the first so-called offer on immigration to come out of this White House, only to be rescinded by President Trump at a later date. President Trump’s negotiations lack good faith. If President Trump and his administration are ready to engage in serious negotiations about the crises they created, they must first reopen the government and stop holding the American people hostage.”


Let’s be clear – what President Trump is talking about is not a compassionate response. President Trump eliminated the Central American Minors (CAM) program that allowed Central American children to apply to join a parent in the United States. The President’s offer for humanitarian assistance and allowing people to apply for asylum before they arrive in the United States is a disingenuous claim that he will reboot the protections that he himself terminated.


None of the policies that the President has offered would provide real, permanent solutions for DACA recipients, dreamers, or individuals with Temporary Protected Status (TPS). These proposals would not even be necessary if President Trump hadn’t already attempted to end these programs. While the Trump administration has tried to eliminate DACA, DACA renewals (not new applications) are currently protected by court intervention. Trump’s proposal cannot be taken seriously given everything that his administration has already done to dismantle protections for DACA recipients, TPS holders, and asylum seekers.


CWS’ response to President Trump’s termination of DACA can be found here, and CWS statements are available here:


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