ACTION ALERT: Urge Congress to Welcome Asylum Seekers and Restore Asylum Now

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We believe that all people have inherent dignity and are deserving of basic human rights. As the COVID-19 crisis tests our strength as a society, the administration has systematically eviscerated asylum protections, and continues to target, detain, and deport and expel immigrants and asylum seekers. This threatens the safety and health of our communities, exacerbates the outbreaks in facilities that impacts those detained and staff, and turns away asylum seekers, in violation of our moral and legal obligations. The administration has sought to create insurmountable barriers for all asylum seekers and destroy the U.S. asylum system. This is unconscionable. Now is the time to make your voice heard to ensure we are living out the best of who we are as a nation, welcoming asylum seekers.

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Sample Email/Script: “I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and [as a person of faith], I urge you to hold the administration accountable to restore asylum protections and stop the administration’s evisceration of the U.S. asylum system. The administration has already created insurmountable barriers for asylum seekers and returning them to the violence and persecution they fled. I urge you to:

  • Defund unlawful anti-asylum policies including unlawful CDC expulsions and enact safeguards to the U.S. asylum system.
  • Ensure robust oversight of any USCIS appropriation given the enforcement-based policies that increase costs and require the agency to overspend by conditioning funding on the agency’s promise to fulfill its welcoming mandate.
  • End immigrant detention, deportations, and 1325/1326 prosecutions at minimum during the COVID-19 pandemic – and fight for the health and freedom of all immigrants by releasing all individuals held in immigrant detention.
  • Support & co-sponsor pro-asylum legislation, including the Refugee Protection Act (RPA) (S.2936 / H.R.5210); the Immigration Enforcement Moratorium Act (S.4011); the Federal Immigrant Release for Safety and Security Together Act (FIRST Act) (H.R.6537 / S.3645); and the Asylum Seeker Protection Act (H.R. 2662).

My community welcomes asylum seekers and immigrants, and I urge you to do the same.”

Amplify on Social Media
Share this message with your Senators and Representatives on social media! Here are sample posts:

  • As a person of faith, I’m grieved that the U.S. asylum system is being eviscerated. @Senator @Representative, I urge you to defund anti-asylum policies, restore asylum protections, and end immigrant detention and deportations now.
    #Faith4Asylum #SaveAsylum
  • My faith calls me to welcome those in need and I am horrified that the U.S. is turning its back on asylum seekers. @Senator @Representative please defund anti-asylum policies, restore asylum protections, and end immigrant detention and deportations now. #Faith4Asylum #SaveAsylum
  • .@Senator @Representative please co-sponsor pro-asylum legislation, such as the Refugee Protection Act (S 2936 / HR 5210) and the Asylum Seeker Protection Act (HR 2662). #Faith4Asylum #SaveAsylum

Additional Resources

  • Save Asylum Toolkit:
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Advocacy to Oppose the Administration’s Attempts to Annihilate the Asylum System by Wednesday, July 15th!

  • Submit a Personal Comment: Use CLINIC’s new click-to-comment campaign to submit a unique comment by 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, July 15th. Please make sure you edit the template comment to put it in your voice and explain why you care about asylum seekers. Alternatively, you can use the Immigrant Justice Campaign’s template comment and submit your unique comment, here.
  • Amplify on Social Media: Pledge to get three other people to submit their own comments! You can share the comment portal with your friends or share this sample post on social media: My faith called me to submit a comment against the administration’s plan to end asylum. I am pledging to get three others to speak out for those seeking safety too! Join me: #Comments4Asylum #Faith4Asylum
  • Write a Personalized Letter: Send a handwritten letter to the administration about why the U.S. must protect asylum seekers. More resources available here.
  • Action Alert: Click here for our CWS action alert.
  • Resource Compilation: Click here for a compilation of further materials.

Thank you for taking action, and please share this alert with your networks!