Join National Week of Action to Stand with TPS Holders (now through Wednesday, 10/25)

Action Alerts

Dear Friends,

The administration has already begun terminating Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for some nationalities, and as they make decisions about other populations with TPS, the lives of over 330,000 people are in danger. Right now, over 250 TPS holders are in Washington, DC to advocate for their right to remain in the United States. Join TPS holders, immigrants’ rights partners, and communities of faith from now until Wednesday, October 25th for a week of action mobilizing to save TPS!

Our Senators and Representatives need to hear that their constituents stand with TPS holders and call on Congress to ensure TPS holders are protected from deportation. Take 6 minutes to call your Members of Congress (2 minutes per Member) right now and make your voice heard!

Tell Congress to Support TPS Holders and #SaveTPS!
(202) 224-3121
Please call 3x for your 2 Senators and 1 Representative

Sample Script: “I’m your constituent from [City, State]. I stand in solidarity with my immigrant neighbors, support Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and strongly oppose any attempt to terminate or curtail the program. TPS is designed to protect people from being returned to harm and is extended based on country conditions. There are about 330,000 people from 10 different countries who through TPS are currently pursuing their dreams and raising families in safety. Some have been here for many years, and more than 70% have a U.S. citizen sibling, spouse, or child. Tearing apart families is wrong.

I urge [the Senator/Representative] to do everything they can to ensure that the administration extends TPS for all 10 countries for at least another 18 months, issue a public statement declaring support for all TPS holders, and support legislation that would ensure stability for TPS recipients who have lived here for many years, would face extreme hardship if deported, or are otherwise eligible for permanent residence.”

FAITH LEADERS: Sign on to this Haiti TPS letter and this Central American TPS letter by Tuesday, October 31 to support TPS for our immigrant neighbors! To let TPS expire or end it altogether would mean turning our backs on the vulnerable individuals we pledged to welcome, and would further destabilize Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, and El Salvador as they struggle to recover.

Here are 5 more ways you can take action this week!

  1. Digital Media: Click here for the digital media toolkit for the week of action. Use these hashtags: #Faith4TPS #ProtectTPS #SaveTPS #ResidencyNow. Here’s one example: .@SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVE Declare your support for #TPS holders & legislation to protect them from deportation #Faith4TPS #ProtectTPS #SaveTPS
  2. Echo Actions & Local Events: Host an interfaith vigil, educate your faith community, and organize other events to lift up the importance of the TPS program. Local actions are a great way to amplify voices of TPS holders in the media, and don’t forget to invite your national, state, and local elected officials. Click here to download our Interfaith Toolkit to Defend TPS to learn more.
  3. Write an Op-Ed or LTE: Placing an opinion editorial or letter-to-the-editor in a local media outlet is a great way to educate communities about TPS and offer opportunities to take action. Download the interfaith toolkit for sample op-eds, LTEs, and other resources on how to pitch and place media pieces.
  4. Meet National, State, and Local Leaders: Meeting with your Senators and Representatives in-district, as well as state and local elected officials, is an important way to ensure our leaders are doing everything they can to see TPS extended for all ten countries and for their support for legislation that protects TPS holders from deportation and family separation. The interfaith toolkit contains instructions on how to set up and conduct meetings, factsheets to leave behind with offices, and sample talking points.
  5. Spread the Word: Follow the TPS Alliance on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For more information on the TPS week of action, please visit: Please spread the word, and thank you for all your work and support!