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informational materials

IRAP and CWS Response to Request for Comments on Flores

Interfaith Toolkit to End Family Incarceration & Separation and Keep Families Together

Facts vs Fear

A Response to the Administration’s Misleading Claims about Refugee
Resettlement. Download here.

Know Your Rights as a Refugee

View our multilingual guides on your rights as a refugee in the U.S.

Snapshot of Refugees’ Economic Impact and Integration in the United Sates

Nationwide, research has shown that refugees contribute to local economies. For every dollar spent helping refugees start new lives in the United States, there is significant economic return to our communities. Download the comprehensive report here to learn more.

Shareable Graphics

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Welcoming Refugees — State by State Reference

Letters and articles, national and state-by-state, demonstrating welcome for refugees


Step Into a Refugee Camp

“The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is one of the largest Syrian camps in the world. In the fall, we visited the camp live with our audience. Here’s what we heard from the refugees and from you.”

By Deborah Acosta, NYT | Dec. 30, 2016