Supreme Court Decision to Uphold “Public Charge” Rule Will Have Chilling Effect on Families



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Supreme Court Decision to Uphold “Public Charge” Rule Will Have Chilling Effect on Families

Published Final Rule will Keep Families Separated and Afraid to Access Life-Saving Services

Washington, D.C. – Church World Service today condemned the decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the Trump Administration’s cruel “public charge” rule that will divide families and undercut the ability of our community members to thrive in the United States. Under the rule, individuals could be prevented from entering the United States, receiving a green card, or sponsoring family members unless they meet expanded criteria of wealth, employment, and education. Church World Service submitted an official comment in October decrying the chilling effect that the current rule already has had and that the changes would exacerbate, with families afraid to utilize services that help them become healthier, stronger, and more employable. 

In response to today’s decision, Rev. John L. McCullough, CWS President and CEO, issued the following statement:

“Time and time again we have seen how new members of our community help us prosper and make us stronger, especially when given the right tools. This rule not only hinders their ability to thrive and give back, but it leaves them with the impossible choice between reuniting with their families or making sure they have enough food on the table. When we invest in nutrition, health care, and other essential needs, children keep learning, parents keep working, and families stay strong. We all are better. This rule is an attack against families and goes against the tenets of our faith traditions — to welcome and love our neighbors, and especially to care for our children.”

CWS’s previous statements on public charge can be found here

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