TAKE ACTION NOW: Tell Congress to Cut Funds for Deportation, Detention, & Border Militarization and Permanently Protect Immigrant Youth

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President Trump is requesting billions of dollars in additional funding to expand a deportation force to tear families and communities apart, detain an unprecedented 52,000 people daily, and further militarize communities living in border regions. This means billions of additional funding to balloon an already bloated immigration detention and deportation force. Congress has the “power of the purse” and must reject this proposal and cut funding to the machinery behind unjust deportation, detention, and further militarization of our border communities.

Right now, Congress is considering the level of funding for detention, deportation, and border militarization for next fiscal year (FY 2019) – at the expense of investments in education, healthcare, and refugee resettlement, which would serve only to dismantle community wholeness. Every dollar that is spent without enacting protective legislation will go toward detaining and deporting dreamers, TPS recipients, long time contributors to our communities, children, and asylum seekers, and dismantling family unity. It is critical that Senators and Representatives hear loudly and clearly that their constituents want them to cut this harmful spending, and instead enact legislation that protects our community members from additional deportations, family separation, and dangerous detention.