TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to Protect Asylum Seekers and Oppose Administration’s Attempt to End U.S. Asylum System

Action Alerts

On June 11th, the Trump administration released its newest, unlawful, and immoral proposed rule that would create insurmountable barriers for all asylum seekers and destroy the U.S. asylum system – already being systematically eviscerated in coordinated attacks. The proposed rule would ban all claims to asylum arising out of gender-based harm, harming countless women fleeing horrific violence; ban all claims to asylum arising out of gang violence and recruitment, despite certain Central American countries’ war-level murder rates due to gang violence; ensure fast-track deportation for asylum seekers by drastically raising the burden they face to prove their claims in their initial interviews; and raising the standards for protection so high that it would essentially grind the asylum system to a halt. 

Here are the top ways to take action:

  1. Submit a Personal Comment: Use CLINIC’s new click-to-comment campaign to submit a unique comment by 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, July 15th. Please make sure you edit the template comment to put it in your voice and explain why you care about asylum seekers. Alternatively, you can use the Immigrant Justice Campaign’s template comment and submit your unique comment, here.
  2. Amplify on Social Media: Pledge to get three other people to submit their own comments! You can share the comment portal with your friends or share this sample post on social media: My faith called me to submit a comment against the administration’s plan to end asylum. I am pledging to get three others to speak out for those seeking safety too! Join me: https://p2a.co/vRu15hT #Comments4Asylum #Faith4Asylum
  3. Write a Personalized Letter: Send a handwritten letter to the administration about why the U.S. must protect asylum seekers. More resources available here.

Resource Compilation: Click here for a compilation of further materials hosted by the Interfaith Immigration Coalition. For additional resources and ways to take action, view CLINIC’s #Comments4Asylum Interfaith Toolkit.

You can also join the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies for a webinar on Thursday, July 9th at 2pm-3pm ET to learn more about this proposed rule. Click here to register and submit questions ahead of time.

Thank you for taking action, and please share this alert with your networks!