TAKE ACTION: Urge the Administration to Release Maria Domingo Garcia and Reunite Maria With Her Breastfeeding Infant and Her Other Children

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On August 7th, Maria, a mother of 4-month-old Jacqueline, was arrested in a massive immigration raid at poultry plants in Mississippi, along with nearly 700 other immigrants. This was the largest single-state workplace immigration raid in our nation’s history. These cruel and inhumane raids actively separate families, including the family of Maria, who is breastfeeding her infant and caring for her two other children.

Please take action today! Call ICE now and tell them to release Maria so she can be reunited with her family and return to caring for her baby.

Call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Today at (318) 992-1600

Sample Script: “I’m a concerned citizen and community member, and [as a person of faith] I urge you to immediately release Maria Domingo Garcia (A#201-942-292). Maria is a mother to three children, including a still-breastfeeding baby of just 4-months who needs her mother. It is cruel and inhumane to separate families. I stand in solidarity with Maria and her family and all of the families who have been separated as a result of these inhumane raids. Please immediately release Maria so she can be reunited with her three children and husband – and release everyone in need of being reunited with their families. I call on you to uphold due process for all immigrants who were victims of these raids and see that they have a meaningful opportunity to be heard.”