“Tear-gassing children and families is tragic and inexcusable” Rev. John L. McCullough


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 26, 2018

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Washington, DC- In response to reports that U.S. agents fired tear gas at asylum seekers at our southern border yesterday, President and CEO of CWS, Rev. John L. McCullough issued the following statement:

“Tear-gassing children and families is tragic and inexcusable. Once again this administration has harmed families for simply pursuing their legal right to seek safety in the United States that we believe in: A beacon of hope and justice for those who have nowhere else to turn. The humanitarian crisis in Central America has led these refugee families to our doorstep and our communities stand ready to welcome them.

“The only chaos at the border is the crisis manufactured by this administration’s cruel attempts to block access to asylum by closing down ports of entry, turning back asylum seekers, militarizing the border, and willingly breaking the law by failing to process families seeking protection. The U.S. can easily and humanely process each of these families protection claims.

“It is time for Members of Congress to rein in the administration’s clear disregard for the law and basic human dignity. Congress must cut funding for deportation, detention, and border militarization, and must demand that the administration immediately cease its inhumane and illegal treatment of asylum seekers, uphold our moral and legal obligations, and welcome people seeking protection.”