URGENT ACTION TODAY: Tell Congress to Oppose Anti-Immigrant Bill and Instead Protect Dreamers and Uphold Family Unity

Action Alerts

The House of Representatives is currently considering an anti-immigrant, anti-family bill, the Securing America’s Future (SAF) Act (H.R. 4760). This bill is diametrically opposed to who we are as communities of faith, and we must urge our Representatives to reject it. This bill would drastically cut family-based visas, authorize a wasteful and superfluous border wall, expand mandatory detention, grow the deportation force, and remove critical protections for individuals seeking protection or asylum.

Since the Trump administration terminated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in September 2017, more than 22,000 DACA recipients have seen their protections expire. Last month, Congress missed a critical opportunity to pass a permanent legislative solution to protect dreamers. We need a real solution — one that offers a permanent legislative solution for dreamers, like the Dream Act, without compromising family unity or undercutting other community members.