URGENT: Call ICE and Your Members of Congress and Tell them To Stop the Deportation of Two Young Girls Seeking Asylum

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is trying to deport two young girls seeking asylum, ages of 8 and 11. We need your help to hold ICE accountable. It is critical that the ICE Houston Field Office and your Members of Congress hear that their constituents don’t want to see these asylum seeking girls deported. 

The girls had been in detention for over 7 weeks, and after a legal battle and media attention, they were finally released to their mom in Houston on Sunday, May 17th. ICE is nevertheless still trying to deport the girls to El Salvador, where there is no parent or other suitable relative to care for them, and where they’ve suffered terrifying violent threats from gang members and were abused. 

A hearing on this matter will be held on Friday, May 22nd before U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen.  This case is part of a larger pattern where ICE is insisting on deporting children who entered the U.S. alone or unaccompanied – particularly if they had previously tried to reunite with their parents. What’s worse, ICE is wrongfully pointing to a global pandemic to justify tearing these families apart and deporting these young girls to the danger they fled. This is immoral – and won’t make our communities any safer.

Please Contact the Houston Field Office Via Social and Call Your Members of Congress Today!

Step 1: Tweet at the ICE Houston Field Office 

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ALERT: @ICEgov & @DHSgov are trying to deport 8 and 11-year-old sisters seeking asylum. Join us to demand they be allowed to safely proceed with their asylum case from the US. Stop using COVID19 as a pretext to deport children! LINK: https://greateras1.org/urgent-call-ice-and-your-members-of-congress-and-tell-them-to-stop-the-deportation-of-two-young-girls-seeking-asylum/ pic.twitter.com/jrrHmwExuq

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Sample Script: “I’m a person of faith from [denomination or congregation], and I’m outraged to learn that ICE is trying to deport two young girls, ages 8 and 11, who are seeking asylum. After finally being released to their mother, ICE is still trying to deport them. If they’re deported, they have no parent or guardian to watch over them in El Salvador, their country of origin, and will be at risk of the threat of gang violence and further abuse. As a [Representative/ Senator] you have a moral responsibility to hold ICE accountable. Deporting these children to the danger they fled will not make our communities any safer. Please call ICE now, and tell them to agree to not deport these girls to danger so they can safely proceed with their asylum case from the US.”

Here are additional background articles about ICE’s practices:

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