URGENT: Tell Congress to Responsibly Reopen the Government and Reject Increases for Detention, Deportations, and Border Militarization

Action Alerts

Today, January 24th, Congress is considering multiple proposals to end the partial government shutdown. It is critical that we urge all Members of Congress to responsibly reopen the government without endangering our immigrant neighbors or further militarizing border communities. As the longest shutdown in history enters its 34th day, the consequences of lost paychecks and slowed services are dire for millions of individuals and families, especially those facing poverty and food insecurity.

The administration’s deliberately cruel and dehumanizing strategy of unjust detention, a militarized border, and deportations has led to the tragic deaths of two children while in government custody. People of faith and conscience must make our voices heard to urge Congress to pass real solutions that responsibly end the shutdown and affirm that all people have the right to seek a safe place to call home.