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Protecting Welcome, Restoring Hope

Churches representing 30 million Americans launch national movement to safeguard our welcome of refugees.


Uniting in support of refugees – because we are all #GreaterAs1

#GreaterAs1 is a global homebase for refugee solidarity — a campaign to unite the global community in our support of refugees. Today, we face both the worst global displacement crisis since World War II and unprecedented political pushback against life-saving refugee resettlement programs. With more than 65 million people now forcibly displaced from their homes because of war, violence and persecution, it has never been more urgent than now to come together and stand for welcome.

We are at a historical crossroads: we can succumb to apathy and fear—or we can choose to reaffirm our shared humanity, redoubling our efforts to help refugees seeking safety

But we can’t fight this battle alone — we need your support.

Know Your Rights as a Refugee

View our multilingual guides on your rights as a refugee in the U.S.