CWS Condemns Administration’s Dangerous Asylum Ban



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CWS Condemns Administration’s Dangerous Asylum Ban

Faith community demands termination of asylum ban, restoration of U.S. protection, compassion, and welcome.


In response to the anticipated new interim final rule that bans those who seek safety at the U.S. border from asylum protections if they travel through another country en route to the United States, Church World Service President and CEO Rev. John L. McCullough issued the following statement:


“A day after President Trump doubled-down on his racism by attacking three congresswomen of color via Twitter, his administration announced a rule that will effectively end our nation’s life-saving asylum program. This new asylum ban is cruel, unnecessary, and illegal. This administration continues to annihilate the asylum system and deny vulnerable families their fundamental right to safety while condemning them to return to unfathomable danger. The United States can easily and fairly process the families and individuals who arrive at our borders seeking protection. Ensuring due process for vulnerable families and individuals seeking protection should be our first priority.


“As our government abandons these families at their time of greatest need, CWS and people of faith across our nation will not desert them. We will continue to provide support and resources for migrant families on both sides of the border, while advocating for a swift reversal of these dangerous policies. We urge Congress to reject this asylum ban. CWS calls on the administration to expand U.S. protection for asylum seekers and others seeking protection.”


CWS has repeatedly decried such heartless and illegal policies as blatant attacks on the world’s most vulnerable. Federal courts blocked the administration’s earlier illegal attempts to impose an asylum ban on those who crossed the southern border. This rule is yet another attempt by the administration to circumvent U.S. and international law, and it should meet with a similar response from the courts.


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