No Muslim Ban, No Refugee Ban Week of Action Toolkit

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One Year of Muslim and Refugee Bans:

Showing Up in Solidarity Against Discrimination

January 27 – February 3, 2018 Week of Action Toolkit



Why take action the week of January 27th?


On January 27, 2017 the Trump Administration released Executive Orders banning individuals from seven (then six) Muslim-majority countries and all refugees from entering the country. Thousands took to the streets and flooded airports where people from Muslim-majority countries and refugees were being detained and, in many cases, sent back. Since that time, the administration has issued multiple additional bans on people from Muslim-majority countries and has taken steps to dismantle the U.S. refugee program. Anti-Muslim and nationalistic rhetoric have had real consequences, leading to increased hate crimes and local and state policies targeting these communities.  

Now, a year later, we’re in a critical moment. After the courts repeatedly blocked various versions of these bans, parts of both the most recent Muslim ban and refugee ban are being implemented. We must keep up the public pressure and media coverage to stop the Muslim and refugee bans now. January 27th is a critical date, as people and policy makers across the country remember the actions they took that day and can be challenged to recommit to solidarity with Muslims, refugee, and all people targeted by this administration. Learn more about the impact of the Muslim bans at, and about the impact of the refugee bans, including a tracker and report card on refugee arrivals, at

The full toolkit is available here.