TAKE ACTION: Urge Congress to Support Immigrant and Refugee Communities in COVID-19 Legislation

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Right now, Members of Congress are working on important legislation around the Coronavirus / COVID-19. Crises test who we are as a nation – and we are stronger when we are united, extend compassion to our neighbors, listen to public health experts, and resist medical prejudice and scapegoating. It is imperative that Members of Congress hear that their constituents want to see meaningful solutions that support all of our neighbors, including immigrant and refugee community members. 

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Sample Script: “I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and [as a person of faith] I urge you to support immigrant and refugee communities as you negotiate Coronavirus / COVID-19 legislation. It is imperative that you support provisions that would:

  1. Ensure recently-arrived refugees and Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders don’t fall through the cracks and receive financial relief by providing $350 million for the Migration and Refugee Assistance account for the State Department and $642 million for the Refugee Entrant Assistance account for the Department of Health and Human Services.
  2. Extend the security check validity periods for refugees and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa recipients – and resume refugee admissions expeditiously consistent with general travel restrictions from refugees’ countries of residence.
  3. Eliminate immigration restrictions for COVID testing and treatment – because when all community members have the care they need, we all benefit.
  4. Oppose immigration enforcement funds for ICE and CBP – and restrict transfer and reprogramming of funds for immigration enforcement – because during this national crisis, we should be investing in public health.

My community believes that we are stronger when we care for one another, including our immigrant and refugee neighbors. I urge you to resist medical prejudice and scapegoating, and uphold the best of who we are.”

Additional Resources:

  • CWS factsheet with Coronavirus / COVID-19 resources in multiple languages for refugees and immigrants.
  • CWS Guide on 30 Ways to Care for Yourself, Others and Immigrants during COVID-19
  • Interfaith Immigration Coalition’s five demands for the administration, calling for an end to medical prejudice against immigrants: http://bit.ly/IICCOVID19

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