TAKE ACTION: Urge Congress to Support Immigrant and Refugee Communities in Upcoming COVID-19 Legislation

Action Alerts

Right now, Members of Congress are considering another package of COVID-19-related legislation to support communities during this difficult time. While we are grateful for measures Congress has taken to address the crisis, there remain unique challenges that refugees and immigrants face and many were left out of previous packages. Crises test who we are as a nation – and we are stronger when we are united, extend compassion to our neighbors, listen to public health experts, and resist medical prejudice and scapegoating. It is imperative that Members of Congress hear that their constituents want to see meaningful solutions that support all of our neighbors, including immigrant and refugee community members.

Here are the top 3 ways to take action:

  1. Contact Your Senators and Representative: Click “Send Email” on the right to contact your Members of Congress urging them to support all of our neighbors, including refugees and immigrants.
  2. Share the #AllOfUs Campaign on Social Media: Share messages on social media to honor the contributions of immigrants and refugees on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis using this social media toolkit. For more information on the #AllOfUs campaign please visit https://www.allofuscare.com/.
  3. Connect Internationally-trained Healthcare Professionals: Refugees and immigrants who are internationally-trained healthcare professionals have an opportunity to assist in the healthcare field to help with the COVID-19 response. The International Rescue Committee launched an interest form to enable refugees resettled in the United States to self-register to express their interest. Please share this link to anyone who may be interested in this opportunity.

Additional Resources:

  • Organizational Sign On Letter by 150+ Groups Supporting Refugee Priorities in COVID-19 Legislation
  • Interfaith Immigration Coalition Faith Letter to Include Immigrant and Refugee Communities in COVID Response
  • COVID-19 Relief Legislation & Refugee Impact RCUSA Webinar
  • CWS resource guide with COVID-19 resources in multiple languages for refugees and immigrants.
  • CWS guide on 30 Ways to Care for Yourself, Others and Immigrants during COVID-19
  • CARES Act UI & Cash Rebate Eligibility Flowchart

Thank you for taking action and please share this alert with your network!